Movies with English subtitles screened during the Arctic Fury Film Festival


showtimes: 3.11. at 12 and 4.11. at 12.

Director: Kaisa Rastimo 

Running time: 72 min

Age limit: S (for all ages)

Language: Finnish with English subtitles

Distributor: SF Film Finland Oy


Hayflower and Quiltshoe are best friends and spend all their time together. A change is about to happen: in a week, Hayflower is going to start school. There are big things going on inside both of the girls’ minds.


THE ORPHAN (KAASSASSUK) – Greenland – 2016

showtime: 2.11. during short movies screening (starting at 16).


Director: Rikke Hallund

Running time: 20 min

Age limit: S (for all ages)

Language: Danish/Greenlandic with English subtitles


In Kaassassuk – The Orphan we follow Kaassassuk from his birth and later outcast till he grow up as a fearless hunter. As a child Kaassassuk is unwanted by the hunters in the village. His foster family – an old wise woman and an elderly man tell Kaassassuk that he must go and meet the Great Spirit, hence only the Great Spirit can give him strength to become a great hunter. Kaassassuk returns after a long journey to the village with new great powers. But it is up to Kaassassuk to determine how to use the strength and power – will he seek revenge?


PURGE (PUHDISTUS) – Finland – 2012

showtime: 2.11. at 18.

Director: Antti Jokinen

Running time: 125 min

A tormented young woman is given a hiding place by an elderly lady and soon they are reminded of their mutual horrendous past.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Sofi Oksanen. The film was selected as the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards. At the 2013 Jussi Award, the film received eight nominations, including Best Film, Best Direction and Best Costume Design. It won Best Actress for Birn, Best Supporting Actress for Liisi Tandefelt, along with Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design and Best Make-Up Design. Birn was also nominated for the Satellite Award for Best Actress.


THEY HAVE ESCAPED (HE OVAT PAENNEET) – Finland – 2015                         

showtime: 3.11. at 16.

Director: J-P Valkeapää

Running time: 102 min

Age limit: K-16


Joni is 19 years old and has to perform civil duties in a corrective institution for problematic young people. When all the rules at the centre are being explained to Joni, it seems that there is something different about him. One glance between him and Raisa – a 17-year-old resident in the institution – is enough to understand that the two of them, together, are up to something.



showtime: 3.11. at 18.

Director: Petri Kotwica

Running time: 92 min


Kiia and Lauri are speeding down a dark country road, anxious to reach the hospital with Kiia in premature labour. Their car hits something. Lauri goes to take a look and tells his wife he saw nothing. They rush to the hospital and Kiia gives birth to a healthy baby boy. While in the hospital Kiia meets Hanna, a woman whose husband is in a coma, the victim of a hit-and-run driver. Kiia befriends Hanna and tries desperately to help her without revealing her role in the accident.


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